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Class 1 - Chemical Materials

Chemicals for use in industry, science and photography, as well as in agriculture, horticulture and forestry; unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics; fire extinguishing and fire prevention compositions; tempering and soldering preparations; substances for tanning animal skins and hides; adhesives for use in industry; putties and other paste fillers; compost, manures, fertilizers; biological preparations for use in industry and science.

Class Class Name
1 absorbents [synthetic materials] for soaking up liquids
1 acetate (chemicals)
1 acetate of cellulose, unprocessed
1 acetates [chemicals]
1 acetic anhydride
1 acetone
1 acetylene
1 acetylene tetrachloride
1 acid proof chemical compositions
1 acid salts
1 acids
1 acidulated water for recharging accumulators
1 acidulated water for recharging batteries
1 acidulated waters for recharging accumulators and batteries
1 acrylic monomers
1 acrylic resin
1 acrylic resins, unprocessed
1 acrylic resins (unprocessed-) for use as additives to fibres
1 acrylonitrile acrylate styrene copolymer resins (unprocessed)
1 acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer resins (unprocessed)
1 acrylonitrile butadiene styrene resins
1 actinium
1 activated carbon
1 activated charcoal
1 activators [chemicals]
1 active chemical agents for use in manufacture of cosmetics
1 additives, chemical, to drilling muds
1 additives, chemical, to fungicides
1 additives, chemical, to insecticides
1 additives, chemical, to motor fuel
1 adhesive binders for use in industry
1 adhesive cements for industrial use
1 adhesive compositions for use in industry
1 adhesive fillers for gaps, cracks and holes
1 adhesive plastics
1 adhesive preparations for surgical bandages
1 adhesive substances for use in the industry
1 adhesives and glue for ceilings, floor and wall coverings
1 adhesives and glues for laying floor coverings
1 adhesives containing metal and metallic flakes
1 adhesives for affixing wall tiles
1 adhesives for applying floor tiles
1 adhesives for billposting
1 adhesives for commercial purposes
1 adhesives for construction, repair and maintenance of buildings
1 adhesives for fixing tiles and building materials
1 adhesives for glass
1 adhesives for industrial purposes
1 adhesives for industrial use
1 adhesives for industrial use in the form of coatings

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