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Class 19 - Building Materials

Materials, not of metal, for building and construction; rigid pipes, not of metal, for building; asphalt, pitch, tar and bitumen; transportable buildings, not of metal; monuments, not of metal.

Class Class Name
19 accordion doors, not of metal
19 acoustic panels, not of metal
19 adhesive wall decoration of concrete
19 adhesive wall decoration of marble
19 adhesive wall decoration of stone
19 advertisement columns, not of metal
19 agglomerated bagasses of cane [building material]
19 agglomerated cork for building
19 agglomerated stone materials
19 aggregates of mineral materials for buildings
19 alabaster
19 alabaster glass
19 angle irons, not of metal
19 anti-skid mortar for buildings
19 anti-skid slurry for buildings
19 anti-slip coatings for decks
19 anti-slip coatings for floors
19 anti-slip coatings for paths
19 anti-slip coatings for ramps
19 anti-slip coatings for roads
19 anti-slip coatings for stairs
19 anti-slip panels, boards, blocks, tiles and tile floorings for building construction
19 aquaria (structures)
19 aquaria [structures]
19 aquarium gravel
19 aquarium sand
19 aquariums (structures), not of metal
19 arbours [structures], not of metal
19 architectural glass
19 armored doors, not of metal
19 armor-plating, not of metal
19 armoured doors, not of metal
19 armour-plating, not of metal
19 articles of artificial stone for building purposes
19 articles of joinery for use in building
19 articles of wood for building purposes
19 artificial granite
19 artificial marbles
19 artificial stone
19 artificial stones made of concrete as building materials for garden design
19 asbestos cement
19 asbestos mortar
19 asphalt
19 asphalt for buildings
19 asphalt paving
19 asphalt paving
19 asphaltic bitumen compound
19 aviaries [structures], not of metal
19 balustrades, not of metal
19 beacons, not of metal, non-luminous

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