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Class 30 - Instant Food

Coffee, tea, cocoa and substitutes therefor; rice, pasta and noodles; tapioca and sago; flour and preparations made from cereals; bread, pastries and confectionery; chocolate; ice cream, sorbets and other edible ices; sugar, honey, treacle; yeast, baking-powder; salt, seasonings, spices, preserved herbs; vinegar, sauces and other condiments; ice (frozen water).
Commonly used descriptions: biscuits; bread; cereal preparations; chocolate; cocoa; coffee; coffee substitutes; condiments; confectionery; crystallized rock sugar; desserts (confectionery); dumplings; edible ices; farinaceous foods; food mixes for making desserts (confectionery); herbal tea [other than for medical use]; honey; ice cream; noodles; pasta; rice; royal jelly for human consumption, other than for medical use; sago; sauces [condiments]; slimming tea, not for medical purpose; sugar; tapioca; tea; vinegar; yeast;
Class Class Name
30 agave syrup [natural sweetener]
30 allspice
30 almond cakes
30 almond confectionery
30 almond paste
30 almond pies
30 aniseed
30 apple pies
30 apple sauce [condiment]
30 aromatic preparations for food
30 aromatic preparations for food [other than essential oils]
30 aromatic tea [not for medicinal use]
30 aromatic tea [other than for medicinal use]
30 artificial coffee
30 bagels
30 baked foodstuffs (flour)
30 bakery products for food
30 baking powder
30 baking soda [bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes]
30 baozi
30 barbecue sauce
30 barley meal
30 barley prepared for human consumption
30 batter mixes
30 bean meal
30 bee glue
30 bee glue for human consumption
30 bee glue (propolis) for human consumption
30 bee propolis
30 beer vinegar
30 beverages made from chocolate
30 beverages made from cocoa
30 beverages made from coffee
30 beverages made from coffee, cocoa or chocolate
30 beverages made from or containing chocolate
30 beverages made from or containing cocoa
30 beverages made of tea
30 beverages made with a base of chocolate
30 beverages made with coffee, cocoa or chocolate base
30 beverages with tea base
30 bibimbap [rice mixed with vegetables and beef]
30 bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes [baking soda]
30 binding agents for ice cream
30 biscuits
30 bread
30 bread improvers
30 bread rolls
30 breadcrumbs
30 breadsticks
30 breakfast cereals

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