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Class 32 - Beers & Drinks

Beers; non-alcoholic beverages; mineral and aerated waters; fruit beverages and fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making non-alcoholic beverages.
Commonly used descriptions: aerated water; beer; carbonated water; cider, non-alcoholic; cocktails, non-alcoholic; distilled water for drinking; essences for making non-alcoholic beverages; fruit beverages; fruit juice; fruit juice concentrates; fruit punches; ginger ale; isotonic drinks; lemonades; malt wort; non-alcoholic aerated drinks; non-alcoholic beverages; packaged drinking water; preparations for making non-alcoholic beverages; smoothies; soda water; soft drinks; sports drinks; spring waters (beverages); syrups for making non-alcoholic beverages; tomato juice (beverage); vegetable drinks; vegetable juice (beverage); waters [beverages]; whey beverages;
Class Class Name
32 aerated drinks
32 aerated fruit juice
32 aerated water
32 aerated water [soda water]
32 alcohol free beer
32 alcohol free drinks
32 ale
32 aloe vera drinks, non-alcoholic
32 aperitifs, non-alcoholic
32 apple flavoured soft drinks
32 apple juice
32 apple juice beverages
32 apple juice concentrate
32 aromatic preparations in cake form for foam forming in beverages
32 barley water
32 barley wine [beer]
32 beer
32 beer wort
32 beer-based cocktails
32 beverages consisting of a blend of fruit and vegetable juice
32 beverages containing fruit juice
32 beverages derived from apples
32 beverages having a base of fruit juice
32 beverages made from fruit concentrates
32 beverages [non-alcoholic]
32 black beer [toasted-malt beer]
32 bottled drinking water [not for medical purposes]
32 bottled fruit juices
32 bottled water [not for medical purposes]
32 carbonated mineral water
32 carbonated non-alcoholic beverages
32 carbonated non-alcoholic drinks
32 carbonated soft drinks
32 carbonated water
32 carbonated water
32 carrot juice
32 cider, non-alcoholic
32 cocktails [non-alcoholic]
32 cocktails, non-alcoholic
32 Coconut water as beverage
32 distilled water for drinking
32 draft beer
32 energy drinks
32 essences for use in making beverages
32 extracts of hops for making beer
32 fresh fruit juice
32 frozen concentrated fruit juice
32 frozen fruit beverages
32 frozen fruit drinks
32 fruit based beers

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