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Class 36 - Financial & Property

Financial, monetary and banking services; insurance services; real estate services.
Commonly used descriptions: antique evaluation; apartment house management services; asset appraisal; banking; brokerage of real estate; charitable fund raising; currency exchange services; currency trading services; debt collection agency services; electronic money transfer services; electronic payment services; evaluation of real estate; financial analysis; financial consultancy; financial consultancy services; financial evaluation services; financial management services; financial services; financing of loans; guarantee services; hire-purchase financing; insurance; insurance brokerage services; investment services; pawnbrokerage; provident fund services; provision of financial information; rental of flats; trading of securities; trusteeship services;
Class Class Name
36 accident and health insurance
36 accident insurance
36 accident insurance and reinsurance services
36 accident insurance brokerage
36 accident insurance underwriting
36 accident, sickness, disability and hospitalization insurance
36 accommodation agencies (real property)
36 accommodation bureau services [apartments]
36 account debiting services
36 acquisition and transfer of monetary claims
36 acquisition for financial investment
36 actuarial consulting services
36 actuarial services
36 administering financial assets, investments and company shares
36 administration and agency services in the fields of insurance of life, health, property and casualty, disability, long term care and annuities
36 administration and processing of claims for insurance
36 administration and processing of claims relating to extended warranties
36 administration and trading of company shares and securities
36 administration and valuation of investments
36 administration, financial management and brokerage services relating to insurance
36 administration in the fields of securities, mutual funds and annuities
36 administration of banking and financial business
36 administration of employee insurance benefits
36 administration of employee pension plans
36 administration of estates
36 administration of financial affairs
36 administration of financial and monetary affairs
36 administration of financial assets
36 administration of fund investment
36 administration of funds
36 administration of insurance claims
36 administration of insurance in the fields of accident
36 administration of insurance plans
36 administration of investment funds
36 administration of life assurance, guarantee insurance, insurance service, life insurance and mutual funds
36 administration of mutual funds
36 administration of mutual funds and unit trusts
36 administration of patient reimbursement programs
36 administration of pension funds
36 administration of provident, pension and retirement funds
36 administration of retirement schemes
36 administration of shares
36 administration of trusts
36 administration of unit trusts
36 administrative services relating to investments
36 advice in relation to provident and pension funds
36 advice in the field of buying and selling stock, investments, asset management and financial income management
36 advice on asset financing and cross border financing
36 advice on banking and financial matters
36 advice on finance for retirement

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