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Class 34 - Tobacco Substitutes

Tobacco and tobacco substitutes; cigarettes and cigars; electronic cigarettes and oral vaporizers for smokers; smokers’ articles; matches.

Class Class Name
34 absorbent paper for tobacco pipes
34 articles for smokers
34 articles for smokers of cigars
34 ashtrays coated with precious metal
34 ashtrays for smokers
34 ashtrays for smokers [of precious metal]
34 ashtrays made wholly or principally of metal or stainless steel
34 ashtrays [of precious metal]
34 ashtrays of precious metal
34 ashtrays of precious metal for smokers
34 ashtrays of precious metal or coated therewith
34 books of cigarette papers
34 boxes for cigarettes
34 boxes for cigars
34 butane cigarette lighters
34 cases for cigarettes
34 cases for cigars
34 cheroots
34 chewing tobacco
34 cigar and cigarette cases
34 cigar and cigarette holders
34 cigar and cigarette holders of precious metal
34 cigar boxes
34 cigar boxes (of precious metal)
34 cigar cases
34 cigar cases (of precious metal)
34 cigar cutters
34 cigar holders
34 cigar humidors
34 cigar lighters for smokers
34 cigar paper
34 cigar trimmers
34 cigar tubes
34 cigarette boxes
34 cigarette boxes of precious metal
34 cigarette cases
34 cigarette cases (of precious metal)
34 cigarette cases of precious metal
34 cigarette filters
34 cigarette filters for reducing nicotine or tar intake
34 cigarette holders
34 cigarette lighters
34 cigarette lighters of precious metal
34 cigarette paper
34 cigarette paper and filters
34 cigarette paper and tubes
34 cigarette pipes
34 cigarette sleeves
34 cigarette tips
34 cigarette tubes

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